Buffer Overflow Visualizer | Python Tkinter Project

A Python Tkinter GUI app designed to visualize the buffer overflow security vulnerability in an easy to understand interactive format.

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Cybersecurity Toolkit | Python Django Project

A Django website which provides many useful tools when working in the realm of cybersecurity.

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Bank System | C++ CLI Project

A simple bank system written in C++ which I used to learn the basics of the C++ language. Written for Windows exclusively.

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Simple Grade Calculator | Python CLI Project

A simple command line tool written in Python to make calculating your grades easier (based on percentages)

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Basic Terminal Poker | C# CLI Project

A basic Poker game you can play in your terminal. Featuring a barebones design as it was intended for the purposes of teaching myself how Poker for a future GUI implementation.

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Safer and more secure browsing

The web more often than not feels like a nice place where we can discover tons of information and have a fun time. However, it doesn’t take long to look in the wrong direction and see how evil certain parts can be. Today I’ll teach you some things that you can do to protect yourself when browsing the internet...

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Reversing ELF | TryHackMe Writeup

This room allows you to test your skills at reverse engineering ELF binaries giving you 8 fun challenges to solve in total. The setup is fairly simple as you just need a Linux machine, some reverse engineering tools of your choice and basic RE knowledge...

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Intro to x86–64 | TryHackMe Writeup

An introduction to reversing simple programs using the radare framework along with some assembly basics like the syntax (AT&T in this case), registers, if statements and loops. The room can be found here: https://tryhackme.com/room/introtox8664...

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Reverse Engineering | TryHackMe Writeup

A very simple room with three task that have us reverse engineering some simple programs to finds passwords. To prepare, all we have to do is download the files and run the “chmod -x” command on each of them to give them execute permissions...

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Owasp Top 10 | TryHackMe Writeup

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the solutions to the questions in this room as well as learning how we can utilize the Owasp top 10 web vulnerabilities to perform our “malicious” actions. This one’s gonna be quite long so lets get on with it my fellow hackers...

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PC Optimization (Windows 10)

We’ve all experienced our devices become painfully slow to the point we no longer want to use them. This can make for a very annoying experience however I am here to save you (or at least try to). I’ll run you through the list of things I do whenever I need to freshen up my computer.

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Hi I'm Daniooo and welcome to my page :)

I'm a student currently working through Computer Science with Cybersecurity at the University of Huddersfield.

All my life I've enjoyed trying to break things down and try to understand them at a fundamental level. It's what drives me to keep exploring the world and gather more experiences and exposure to many parts of life.

"Knowledge is power" - a quote that deeply explains my thirst for information. A pivotal part of my life is to understand things the best I can and use that to better not only my life but the lives of others. So much knowledge is inaccessible as there's simply no one to present it.

I do this via many means like educating others, creative projects and writing about what I understand. Over time I plan to fill in many blanks in areas like low level computing and self improvement so stick around to find out more as time goes by :D